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This morning I had to wake up bright and early to sit at my computer for an hour before I found out that I am not going to the Detroit Tigers Opening Day baseball game.  I am so sad!  I am hoping to still be able to go and hang out around the park before and during the game because even if you don’t have ticket it is still fun.

After waiting so long I was starving by the time I got to eat breakfast.



I made a quick bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon, a teaspoon of honey and strawberries on top.  Definitely never disappoints.  Once I was done eating I was so tired, I don’t know why, maybe it’s this gloomy day.  It’s been raining all night and now it’s snowing.  I can’t wait until spring gets here.  Anyway, since I was falling asleep I decided to take a nap and it was awesome.  When I woke up I was wide awake and definitely ready to make some lunch.

This morning I was going to make whole wheat waffles but I was just so hungry and tired that I thought I would wait to make them.  Once I got up though I was craving waffles so guess what I had…

Waffles Before:


Waffles After:


and a glass of:


100% apple juice.

I topped the waffles with strawberries and raspberries, a little butter and a little pure maple syrup. The waffles were so fluffy, filling and 100% better then the premade processed kind you get at the grocery store.  Before I could have eaten all 4 of the waffles if they were the grocery store kind but these I could only eat half.  The rest are in the refrigerator waiting for me when I want a little snack later.  I am definitely going to be making them again!

If you would like to make these Whole Wheat Waffles click here.

Well, I am going to let my food settle.. haha!  I will be back later!

*xoxo* Crystal


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Well, to start off I am so excited because in the mail I received my Detroit Tigers shirt that I am going to wear for opening day!

I am totally in love with this shirt and the great thing about it is that it was free!  I had a $30 rewards card and didn’t know what I was going to buy until I saw this… I also bought another shirt but it was on backorder so I am waiting not so patiently for it.

The rest of my night was pretty low key.  I just sat around watching my favorite show…


and searched for some great recipes for the 100 Days of REAL Food challenge in these…

So far I only got through two because I was so occupied watching Ghost Adventures but I am planning on looking through more later tonight.

Anyway,  for breakfast I was craving cake.  Not just any cake though, I wanted a yummy fluffy pancake!

This pancake cake is just so good (recipe from Juile) but I added and changed a couple things again.  I added cinnamon and used pecan chips because that was all I had on hand.  Everyone should definitely try this though.  So much easier then regular pancake and so much better!  Well that is it for now I am off to play some Mario Kart on the Wii with my mom…  Definitely fun times!!  Enjoy your Saturday!!

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