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Ok, I have changed my mind about going to the store tonight.  The roads are horrible!  Last night it rains then it turns to snow.  Now it’s snowing like crazy and the roads are not in good condition so I am hopefully going to get to the store tomorrow.  Definitely depends on the road situation then too but I am sure they will be much better then they are right now! Well, I am off to sip some tea and stay warm.

*xoxo*  Crystal


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So we are starting to run out of everything in this house so tonight I am planning on going grocery shopping in a little bit so this post is going to have to be a fast one.



For dinner I threw together some potatoes and onions with paprika and then I threw in some lentils.  I know it’s not much but it was really good and I couldn’t find anything else.  Well, time to do some grocery shopping.  Have a wonderful Saturday night!

*xoxo* Crystal

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To start off the day I had …

Oatmeal with the rest of the milk that was left.  Since we didn’t have any walnuts or almonds I added some cinnamon on top and the best part is I stirred in some pumpkin.  I would have added Splenda on top but one of the rules to the Real Food Challenge is that you can’t use sugar, Splenda or anything unnatural.  I did use like a teaspoon of 100% maple syrup because it needed a little sweetness.  Pumpkin oatmeal = Yum!

The only thing you can use (on RFC) as a sweetener is either honey or 100% maple syrup, and of course everything in moderation.

Anyway, I finally went to the grocery store.  I did get a lot of stuff but the shopping is still not done for the Challenge (Click here to check out the 100 Days of REAL Food Blog).  That is fine though as long as I have something in the house so I don’t resort back to the bad processed foods.

I am planning on going to…


Whole Foods for the first time in my life.  I am excited but a little nervous because I know that some call it “Whole Paycheck” and I am just not sure what to expect when I go there.  The main things that I am looking for are organic chicken and/or turkey, wild caught fish and Real butter.  Also, I want to check out the bulk bins and see if I find anything interesting that I haven’t had before.

Well, even though I don’t have school this week I am going to go get a head start on some of the assignments coming up so I don’t have to worry about it.  Have a great Day!

*xoxo* Crystal

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