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Well, week 2 of the 100 Days of Real Food Challenge has come to a close.  Here are some of the highlights 🙂  Hope you Enjoy!!


Bulgur (recipe from Emily @ DailyGarnish.com).  I also had a salad on the side with a little of the same lemon vinaigrette that was in the bulgur. The bulgur was amazing!  I can’t wait to have it again!  Definitely staying on my list of go to recipes.  Also, look what I got…


Ball canning jars!!  I bought these to make my pantry more organized…  Thank Emily for the great idea!!


I also made some…


Homemade granola… This stuff is addicting! (Adapted from 100 Days of Real Food). I did everything the same I just added some walnuts and I used whole flaxseed.  I also skipped the seeds because I just didn’t have any at the time.  One morning I added a banana to the granola and added some milk..  Yummy!


For lunch one day I had a salad…


With homemade hummus! So good (for the recipe click here)!!  For dinner that night I made…


Black bean tacos on homemade tortillas (recipe here).  My tortillas where a little darker because I used 100% whole wheat flour.  Next time I am going to use 100% white whole wheat flour.  To the tacos I added a little rice, black beans, onion, yellow pepper, cheese and greek yogurt! Yum!  For dessert that night I made…


Banana Bread (recipe here)!!! Really good just out of the over but…


So much better the next day when it sat in the refrigerator all night!!  Another night for dessert I made…


A fruit smoothie… In the mix was orange juice, banana, and frozen raspberries and blueberries. I love fruit smoothies!!

For lunch one day I had…


A waffle peanut butter and honey sandwich with a days worth of fruit! I was starving that day!!  I loved that I could freeze the homemade waffles and all I had to do was pop them into the toaster!


For a snack one day I had the left over hummus and made some pita chips from some Whole Wheat pitas I had in the pantry and I also had some yellow pepper too…

Saturday morning I was trying to find something fast for breakfast…


Oatmeal with milk and the toppings were unsweetened coconut, almonds, and a little drizzle of honey!!  Later the day I made…


homemade bread and some (recipe here)…  For my first attempt at making bread it turned out pretty good although it didn’t rise much in the oven but it was still really good!! and while that was cooking I also made…

Peanut butter and honey blondies (recipe here)…  They are pretty darn good.  I also added some fresh whipped cream with a little maple syrup added to it.  It was so good that I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture.

Well, that was my week all wrapped up into one post!! I am trying to get all of this homework done and it is just crazy!  And the craziness is going to continue because I have decided to take a spring class and two summer classes!  I am just ready to get out of school and start my career.  Well, I am off to get some more homework done! Later 🙂

*xoxo* Crystal


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Today is going to be a slow day.  I am getting myself motivated to do some much needed cleaning around the house.  First I am going to tackle the kitchen.  Since starting the 100 Days of Real Food Challenge I have been trying to get all of the processed foods out of sight.  I am also trying to throw away stuff that has been sitting in the refrigerator (like salad dressings) that haven’t been used in a long time and will not be used again.  It is amazing how much bad stuff is in our foods that we don’t realize is there until you look at the ingredients label.

Even though this is only the start of day 3 I have found items in my pantry with ingredients that I can’t even pronounce.  It is just crazy!  As I read more and more about clean eating I am just amazed by how much I didn’t know before.  Who knew light butter wasn’t healthy for you and that you could have real butter instead;  I sure as heck didn’t.  Also, I have been eating reduced-fat cheese for as long as I can remember but now I am eating full fat cheese.

Even after 3 days I am feeling great.  I don’t eat as much as I did with all the processed foods and I am fuller for longer.  Which brings us to breakfast.


Strawberry Banana Oatmeal with a pinch of cinnamon… So filling and so yummy!  Well I am off to do some cleaning.  I will be back later 🙂

*xoxo* Crystal

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I can do this Real food thing for the rest of my life if I can eat (the yumminess) like I did last night for dinner.

I thought what would be faster then breakfast for dinner.  So I made some organic eggs, with a splash of milk and organic munster cheese.  Then I had two slices of Great Harvest honey wheat bread with REAL butter (who knew real butter could taste that good… I sure didn’t).  I am so use to using light butter and all that.  I also had a banana.

Now getting to this morning. I made…

Greek yogurt oatmeal with raspberries and almonds.  I need my fuel to get some of my homework done so I don’t have to stress about it towards the end of the semester.  I am also going to be making a few recipes I found tonight.  I am hoping that they turn out good.  I will definitely be back later with a review of both recipes for sure.

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To start off the day I had …

Oatmeal with the rest of the milk that was left.  Since we didn’t have any walnuts or almonds I added some cinnamon on top and the best part is I stirred in some pumpkin.  I would have added Splenda on top but one of the rules to the Real Food Challenge is that you can’t use sugar, Splenda or anything unnatural.  I did use like a teaspoon of 100% maple syrup because it needed a little sweetness.  Pumpkin oatmeal = Yum!

The only thing you can use (on RFC) as a sweetener is either honey or 100% maple syrup, and of course everything in moderation.

Anyway, I finally went to the grocery store.  I did get a lot of stuff but the shopping is still not done for the Challenge (Click here to check out the 100 Days of REAL Food Blog).  That is fine though as long as I have something in the house so I don’t resort back to the bad processed foods.

I am planning on going to…


Whole Foods for the first time in my life.  I am excited but a little nervous because I know that some call it “Whole Paycheck” and I am just not sure what to expect when I go there.  The main things that I am looking for are organic chicken and/or turkey, wild caught fish and Real butter.  Also, I want to check out the bulk bins and see if I find anything interesting that I haven’t had before.

Well, even though I don’t have school this week I am going to go get a head start on some of the assignments coming up so I don’t have to worry about it.  Have a great Day!

*xoxo* Crystal

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I have a 5 page midterm essay paper due on Wednesday and I haven’t even started it yet.  Can someone say procrastination!  I just can’t get to it because I keep finding something better I would rather do.  I don’t think I have ever waited this long to start a paper but I will definitely work on it tonight and at least get half of it done.  That is my goal for the day!  But enough of the midterm talk, for breakfast I had…

Some oatmeal with cinnamon and for the toppings I had a banana, a few chocolate chips, and some walnuts.  It was so good!  I just love oatmeal; I wouldn’t know what to do without it.

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