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Ok, I have changed my mind about going to the store tonight.  The roads are horrible!  Last night it rains then it turns to snow.  Now it’s snowing like crazy and the roads are not in good condition so I am hopefully going to get to the store tomorrow.  Definitely depends on the road situation then too but I am sure they will be much better then they are right now! Well, I am off to sip some tea and stay warm.

*xoxo*  Crystal


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Yes you read that right!  The snow is coming again and we are probably going to get like 3 to 6 inches… I am so ready for this winter stuff to be over with and for the warm sunny weather to come rolling in.  But I am done talking about the weather now because I just don’t want to think about it anymore.


Yesterday when I was at the grocery store I bought some eggs.  The eggs that I got were Cage Free Organic and I just have to say that they were really good.  I also added some milk to the eggs before cooking them to make them more fluffy and some cheddar cheese.  On the side I had some honey whole wheat toast and a banana.


I ate leftovers from last nights dinner but I changed it up a little.  Instead of putting everything in a tortilla I put it over brown rice.  Super quick, easy and so good.  In the pile (starting for the bottom) there is brown rice, chicken, onions, red peppers, sour cream, salsa, and a little shredded Mexican cheese blend.


I was having a hard time coming up with something to make for dinner but then I decided to make a veggie stir-fry since veggies where absent all day today.  In the mix is broccoli, red pepper, onion, and cremini mushrooms over couscous.  There is some general tao’s sauce on it too.  Since I am trying to use up all of the processed stuff I thought I would use the last of it.

Now I am just relaxing and looking for some meal ideas for when the 100 Days of REAL Food Challenge starts.  I am getting really excited about it now and have found some great recipes so far that I can’t wait to try.  It should be an interesting 100 days 🙂

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So today I was trying to figure out if I should actually write a post because absolutely nothing exciting happened today until I got a call for an interview.  Let’s rewind to the beginning of the day first.  To start off the day my school was closed but that doesn’t help me out one bit because I am taking all online courses this semester.  After I woke up I had a really quick breakfast of waffles (trying to eat some of the processed foods in the house) and a banana.  Sorry there is no picture, I didn’t think it was that exciting so I forgot too.

After that I decided to work on some homework until it was lunch time.  Then I got a call for an interview I am going to on Wednesday.  I was not expecting an interview at all from this place.  I filled out the application around like Christmas time but they finally called and I just can’t wait.  I am hoping I get it because I need to get out of this house sometimes.

Dinner time came and went… I made some pierogies and green beans on the side.  Now I am just sitting here watching the rest of Pretty Little Liars and then I am going to get back to work on my homework. Night!!

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Here we go again, More Snow!!  I thought this snow was over but of course I was wrong.  I am so ready to for some warm weather.  Those couple of days that it was 50 degrees was just trying there to tease us here in Michigan.  Also, all the snow had melted from our last snow storm and now look at it 😦

Anyway, for a late lunch (or maybe it was an early dinner) it was a great day to have pizza delivered to the house.  I was definitely not going to go driving in this weather.  It’s not that I mind driving in the snow it’s just everyone else driving also.  When the snow starts to fall for some reason people forget how to drive.  So, I am happy to stay in the house and keep warm!  Well, this American government paper I have to finish by Wednesday isn’t going to write itself so I am off to do just that.  Have a great night!

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